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Patents & Publications

Patents:  Through its contract with Pharmagenesis we have an exclusive license to five worldwide patent families covering prodrugs and derivatives of triptolide. We have also filed on novel formulations of our lead product, MRx102.

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Reno TA, Tong SW, Wu J, Fidler JM, Nelson R, Kim JY, Raz D.  The triptolide derivative MRx102 inhibits Wnt pathway activation and has potent anti-tumor effects in lung cancer.  BMC Cancer (2016) 16:439.

 Fidler JM, An J, Carter BZ, Andreeff M. Preclinical antileukemic activity, toxicology, toxicokinetics and formulation development of triptolide derivative MRx102. 2016">20162021 Cancer Chemotherapy and Pharmacology:  Volume 73, Issue 5 (2014):  961-74.  

Carter BZ, Mak DH, Shi Y, Fidler JM, Chen R, Ling X, Plunkett W, Andreeff M.  MRx102, a triptolide derivative, has potent antileukemic activity in vitro and in a murine model of AML.  Leukemia:  Volume 26, Issue 3 (2012):  443-50.

Zhang Z, Zhang M, Yang S, Fidler JM, Huang L, Han D, Yin L, Ackerman NR, Okunieff P, Zhang L.  The anti-tumor Effects of MRx102:  Novel, Potent, and Synergistic.  International Journal of Radiation Oncology, Volume 84, Issue 3 (2012):  Page S682.

Fidler JM, An J, Musser JH, Mak DH, Carter BZ, Andreeff M.  Preclinical development of triptolide derivative MRx102 as a therapeutic agent for Acute Myeloid Leukemia.  3271.  American Society of Hematology (December 4-7, 2010, Orlando, FL).