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John H. Musser, Ph.D., President

Dr. Musser has over 30 years experience in the biotechnology and pharmaceutical industry focusing on the research and development of anticancer and immune modulatory drugs.  He founded MyeloRx in 2007 when MyeloRx licensed the promising triptolide patent estate from Pharmagensis, Inc (PG).  Prior to founding MyeloRx he was employed by PG where he managed R&D and the product launch in China and Taiwan of PG2, a hematopoietic stimulating agent for the adjunctive treatment of cancer chemotherapy and radiation treatment.  Dr. Musser started his biotech career at Glycomed after working at Wyeth for 10 years.  At Wyeth, he was Director of the group that identified rapamycin as a promising immune suppressant agent.  He began his career at The Upjohn Company as a medicinal chemist.

Neil R. Ackerman, Ph.D., Vice President Business Development

Dr. Ackerman has significant experience in R&D, clinical and regulatory affairs as well as business interactions with major pharmaceutical companies. He joined MyeloRx as VP of Business Development in 2007.  He received his undergraduate and doctoral training at the University of Maryland and performed a post-doctoral fellowship at Stanford University. Throughout his career Dr. Ackerman developed drugs for cancer and inflammatory diseases as well as developing diagnostic products for diabetes. Most recently he was SVP of R&D at Cygnus Therapeutics.  He held the same position at Glycomed.  Prior to that Dr. Ackerman headed the Cancer and Inflammatory Diseases research groups at DuPont Pharmaceuticals and was involved in drug discovery and development at Pfizer and Syntex.  

John M. Fidler, Ph.D., Vice President R&D

Dr. Fidler has more than 30 years experience in the pharmaceutical and biotechnology industry, conducting R&D of anticancer agents and immune modulators. As a founding member of MyeloRx, Dr. Fidler is responsible for R&D activities, and was the Principle Investigator for the NCI contract for the development of MRx102. He worked on drug R&D in cancer and immunomodulation at Pharmagenesis, initiating his 20 years of experience with triptolide that has continued at MyeloRx. After receiving his B.A in Biology at the Johns Hopkins University and his Ph.D. in Immunology at Purdue University, Dr. Fidler was an American Cancer Society post-doctoral fellow at the Walter and Eliza Hall Institute of Medical Research in Melbourne. Dr. Fidler conducted cellular immunology research at the Scripps Research Institute prior to working in drug discovery and development, leading groups in cellular immunology at Lederle Laboratories and pharmacology at Cetus Corporation. 

Jihnua An, Ph.D. DVM, Vice President Manufacturing

Dr. Jinhua An has strong chemistry and manufacturing expertise in pharmaceuticals. He has16 years experience working with triptolide and 7 year experience in cGMP manufacture of triptolide and its derivatives. He has worked at Pharmagenesis and supervised the PG2 chemistry and manufacturing, a hematopoietic stimulating agent for the adjunctive treatment of cancer, that resulted in a successful launch in China and Taiwan. As a Vice President of Technology at Tianjin Cinorch Pharmaceuticals he has directed research and development as well as cGMP manufacturing since 2001.  He received his DVM at Shenyang Agri. University, China, his Ph.D. at Oklahoma State University, and performed a post-doctoral fellowship at University of Georgia.