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Existing Partners

Pursuant to our Amended and Restated License Agreement with Pharmagenesis MyeloRx is the exclusive licensee (except with respect to certain pre-existing rights of Medicass in The Peoples Republic of China) under the Pharmagenesis patent estate relating to prodrugs and analogs of triptolide.   Pharmagenesis provides chemistry and manufacturing expertise and services to MyeloRx for its continued development of MRx102 and related compounds.

Based on preliminary safety and efficacy studies MyeloRx was awarded a $2.0M SBIR contract by the National Cancer Institute in 2009 to develop MRx102 for acute myeloid leukemia (AML). The Phase ll contract continues through Q1 2012.  


MyeloRx has an extensive portfolio of proprietary compounds in various stages of pre-clinical development for cancer and immune-based diseases.  We are seeking development partners to expedite development of our compounds through clinical trials and commercialization.  Contact us if you would like to learn more about our compounds, including MRx102, or the company.